The views in Autumn and Winter over the valley are spectacular at AnderleyAnderley has 35 acres and friendly cattle for guests to meet

More About Anderley....

The Cottages

Anderley Cottages were designed and built by your hosts.

The cottage design was inspired by the wonderful bush huts of the Victorian alpine region.  Andrew and Lee have spent a lot of time in the Alpine region, driving, walking and on horseback.  You will find some photos of these huts on the walls in the cottages.

The cottages were designed as a modern twist on a bush hut. The key elements of simple one room accommodation with living focused around a stone fire have inspired the design.  The curved walls that create the bedrooms are reminiscent of water tanks on their stands when viewed from the outside of the cottage.

The timber used for the fire mantelpiece, the bed heads and the bathroom bench came from a large manna gum that had fallen across the track on the lower part of the property.

Both cottages have been situated to not just take advantage of the stunning views but to also maximise the winter sun.  Step into the cottage on a cold winter day when the sun has been shining and you are welcomed by the warmth!

The vast outdoor deck is ideal to set up for al fresco dining, or to just sit and watch the view, the birds, the amazing sunsets, the weather fronts as they wash across the fields below.....or to just sit.

The Property

The current main home at Anderley was built in 1902.  This was the third house built on the property – which was originally around 800 acres. The property is now around 35 acres and is used for cattle and horse grazing. 

The Anderley property was once a dairy farm and creamery.  The old diary buildings are now converted to horse stables.

Andrew and Lee purchased the property in 2001 and have planted over 20,000 native trees and understory to revegetate the steep land and gullies.  You can see many of these trees from the cottage – they are now around 20 years old and are making an impact on the landscape.  With help from friends and family over many weekends, most of the trees were planted over 3 years. 

For information about walks, drives local attractions and restaurants in the area, please refer to the brochures in the cottage, the links on our website on the Things to Do page or just ask your hosts ...we would be more than happy to help with recommendations to make your stay memorable.